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What Happens to Your Digital Presence Upon Your Death?

Although nobody wants to think about death, we all plan as best as we can. We have the resources to draft wills, buy life insurance, and generally make transitions as easy as possible for our loved ones. Have you also considered getting a life monitoring platform?

What is a Life Monitoring Platform?

A life monitoring platform works like insurance for your digital presence. You can use your life monitoring platform to store all of your necessary digital information. Your loved ones can then receive that information when they need it the most.

Your Digital Footprint

Why might you use a life monitoring platform? Because your digital footprint reaches much farther than you think it does. You likely have a presence in all types of digital media. You and your doctor might comment on your medical information via a secure app, for example. You’ve probably done at least a small amount of banking online. You use software to conduct business. Where would all of that information go if you were no longer able to manage it? Will your family be able to find this information if they need it? What about business partners? If you’ve set up a plan for business transfer after your death, will the right people have access to the plan? A life monitoring platform can help with all of these things.

Easy Access

The information that you store with your life monitoring platform stays in a single place, bundled together until the moment your family needs it. Your family receives the information automatically. They won’t have to embark on a digital scavenger hunt to find the records that you left behind.

Encryption Security

You know that your family will have easy access to your information, but what about today? How will your information be protected until it needs to be released? This is where Legacy Armour’s encryption security comes in. We encrypt all of the information that you entrust to us, keeping it safe from hackers and from early release. Your family will receive your information exactly when they need it, and not a moment before.

How Else Can Legacy Armour Help?

Legacy Armour is a life monitoring platform that allows you to safely organize and store important information. You keep your files in encrypted vaults, and you specify the conditions that lead to the information’s release. If you’re ready for the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a plan, contact us today. Whether you’re representing yourself or a business, we can help you develop your plan. Start your free trial now, or call us at 1-844-UR-Legacy.



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