Top Global Cyber Attack Disasters In 2017

Top Global Cyber Attack Disasters In 2017

According to a study, the e-commerce has to grow 19% globally by the year 2020 while the same in some Asian countries will grow at a whopping 50% rate. It is truly a phenomenal growth both at home and at the international level! But, cyber attacks all over the world are at large. Hackers have predominantly become active in sectors like banking, financial service, healthcare and insurance (BFSI). According to a Kaspersky Lab analysis, a large percentage of WannaCry ransomware took place in India.

On the flip side, countries like USA and Europe were crippled by the ransomware called Petya/ NotPetya.  The healthcare sector and the car market were majorly affected in the US and France respectively. Another security bug Cloudbeed was detected in the month February 2017. It was 17th February and the company called Cloudflare Inc. began to experience the trouble. Perhaps, the malware owes its name to the company that is headquartered in the US. However, CloudFlare is well-known for its services in internet security, domain name, the reverse proxy for websites, and content delivery in the countries like the UK, US, and Singapore.

People aware of the French presidential election in May 2017, would remember that back then, the leading candidate for the presidential post in France was Emmanuel Macron. But, Macron Campaign Hack stalled the email campaign messages for one and a half days! Close to 9GB data of Macron’s campaign were shared on the site Pastebin that approves anonymous postings.

All those put together indicates that till now the year 2017 has been full of events on a global scale. 200,000 computers in more than 150 countries around the world were affected by the malware attack WannaCry in the month of May alone! However, according to experts, this cyber attack threat looms large in the near future too unless there is a strict change in the policy and practice of the federal government. Microsoft researchers blamed this onslaught on a US National Security Agency made the hacking tool that this ransomware leveraged.

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