Legacyarmour Awarded Top 10 InsurTech Award 2017

Legacyarmour Awarded Top 10 InsurTech Award 2017

With the growing malware attacks, the cybersecurity awareness and prevention are top on agenda in every country around the world. However, developed countries like USA have taken the lead here. It may be surprising but true that malware has attacked the developed countries more in view of the most digitization that has taken place there. As a matter of fact, the cybersecurity industry as a whole has felt the urge for more and more InsurTech businesses than ever before. It is a moment of pride to announce here that the company LegacyArmour has surely taken a giant step in that direction. Recently, the company has won the Top 10 Insutech 2017 award.

What’s so emphatic about LegacyArmour?

Well, as the company spokesperson says, for them, it is just the beginning of a whole new era that is aiming to provide a blanket cybersecurity solution under a single roof. CEO Sahar M. Ismail says it is the fruition of their sustained efforts in the cybersecurity business. She herself brings more than two decades of hands-on experience to this business that is well complemented by her partners and colleagues too. Thus, the company is fully geared and dedicated to developing state-of-the-art innovative technology in the first place that will make its clients future ready. This has indeed put the businesses in US and in some parts of Europe ahead in the market.

The buzzword that takes the center stage in every business activity of LegacyArmour revolves around protecting its clients’ legacy irrespective of their stature. It means individuals and companies will benefit from the world-class cybersecurity services of LegacyArmour. It further construes that the company has built a robust and magnificent edifice of cybersecurity business that has started bearing fruits to its clients. The encrypted e-vaults, for instance, is a giant step in that direction. As such, in recognition of its outstanding contribution to this field, the company has got a token of acknowledgment in the form of the Top 10 Insutech 2017 award.

According to an estimate, an alarming 45% Americans fail to pass their legacy to the legal heirs. With the increased cyber attacks and the high level of security breaches, the overall cybersecurity market is likely to face a big jolt in the coming year too. Unfortunately, the trend will continue with time as more and more countries will move towards 100% digitization. But, clients on the radar of LegacyArmour, as the company spokesperson says, are fully protected. On top of it, the company makes its clients future ready that goes many miles to their favor.

CEO is quite optimistic about the company’s growth and success in other parts of the world too when it sets its foot there befitting the needs of individuals and the businesses across the verticals. As of now, the company has earmarked markets like the Middle East, London, and Africa for the purpose where it aims to set up offices in the next six months.

More information on this can be had from 222 South 9th Street, Suite 1600, Minneapolis, MN 55402 or dialing 844-875-3422.


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